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The Sexy In You

Every woman wants to feel attractive. I believe beauty starts from within. Every woman deserves some indulgences.

I had never felt comfortable in my own skin. I see women in adverts and television looking confident and sexy. I had tried losing weight when I learnt that it was one of the things that made a woman confident and can be a factor in increasing her sex drive. It didn’t work. After losing weight, I found other complaints about my body that made me less confident. The answer came to me finally one day. I would only feel sexy if what I’m wearing or how I smell is sexy. Sexy is when you have a healthy sex life with a partner or without. You have got to take your pleasure in your own hands, if necessarily literally, lol.

So I started with everything needed for a luxuriant bath. Beauty starts from a proper wash. But not just any wash, there is vast difference between a shower and a bath. So I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. I went all the way. Got all the products, the candles, the bubbles, the scents and no bath is complete without a good bottle of wine. It made me feel like a princess. I discovered that every woman deserves a proper pampering and utterly indulgent bath.

Next came what to wear. Looking into my dresser and finding all the completely practical underwear in my dresser brought a downer to the euphoria that the bath had given me. I decided to try the lingerie that I had always pushed aside in the name of practicality. As I donned my sexiest bra and panties, I made another discovery. Every woman needs to wear sexy lingerie almost all the time or at least once a week.

Creams and perfumes were the next priority. A sexy woman is always described by the softness of her skin and the scent of her body. The next stop to sexy was getting the right creams and perfumes for my skin. It was a wonder to see what a difference it made to feel confident in the products on my skin. It not only smelt nice, it was also healthy. I finally confirmed that beauty and sexiness also involved what goes on your skin.

There is no sexier woman than the woman that exudes confidence. Either it is self love or sex with a partner who knows how to give pleasure.Orgasm’s can do wonders to a woman’s ego. Variety is the spice of life and every sexy woman should have a sex toy or two. I have  discovered that there is nothing like having the right toy or surprising your partner with a  toy. For that sexy confidence, get that sex toy and get to using it!

I’m Passion

I believe every woman has the right to feel sexy. I believe if you have a significant other or not, you should feel happy and comfortable within your skin. I believe a woman should have a happy and healthy sex life. Every woman should feel good about herself no matter her size. We at Passion’s Playground will help you with everything you need to bring out the sexy woman you need. Your sexiness is in your hands, right at your fingertips. No male gratification needed lol. Message me for all you needs.

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